RV Oregon Travel Tip: Visit The Romantic Painted Hills

February 6, 2015


Mitchell Oregon's Painted Hills are easily one of the most beautiful sights in all of Oregon. Spanning every color of Autumn they truly are a sight for sore eyes. The beautiful scenery makes it the perfect couple's retreat for Valentine's Day! Located in Eastern Oregon, the painted hills were created naturally millions of years ago and show the colorful rocks from all throughout Oregon's history. Labeled as one of the seven wonders of Oregon they are definitely something all Oregonians have to see! The hills have also been a large attraction for scientists and archeologists, and hundreds of prehistoric fossils and plants have been found there. Located in Mitchell Oregon, the hills have become a large attraction for travelers and campers. Look into the camp grounds in, and around the area of the hills and find that perfect place for your Valentine's Day getaway! The beautiful views are one of a kind and are sure to inspire the love in anyone!


For more information on camp grounds and locations visit these websites!


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