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The McKenzie River

by John Clarke on 10/04/14

 photo fall6_zps5d99750e.jpg
     The McKenzie River is at it's most beautiful as the fall leaves fall around it's running waters. The McKenzie River spans over 90 miles in total rolling down the Cascade Range to the southern end of the Willamette Valley. There is no better time to visit this beautiful river then in the height of fall!
     The Mckenzie River some of the tallest water falls in oregon. The Sahalie, Koosah, Proxy, Rainbow and Tamolitch falls are the most popular and are all easily accessed by walking trails that surround the river. Another huge attraction is the hot springs! The river offers natural hot springs as well as springs that have been purified and chlorinated, so weather you want to just crawl in the rocks of the Terwillger and experience the water, or take your family for a vacation to the beautiful Belnap springs, there's always something for you.
     There's a wide variety of options when camping up the McKenzie River. You could bring your tent and rough with the wild and explore the vast hiking trails the McKenzie has to offer, you can take your RV and camp in a wide range of parks and explore any of the attractions the river holds, or you could take a luxurious trip to a hot springs resort or river side cabin and have a relaxing and refreshing getaway with your loved ones! The McKenzie River should definitely be on your fall traveling hit list! Check out all of the camping the McKenzie River has to offer and plan your trip today!

Click HERE for camping information

Click Here for more about the McKenzie River

 photo fall1_zps0f01db68.jpg
 photo fall5_zps4edfa1be.jpg
 photo fall4_zpsc4ddf1d3.jpg
 photo fall3_zpsbe77b2da.jpg

The Painted Hills

by John Clarke on 09/16/14

 photo paintedhills3_zps59eedd8e.jpg
The painted hills are some of the most beautiful things in Oregon! Spanning every color of Autumn they truly are a sight for sore eyes. Located in Eastern Oregon, the painted hills were created naturally millions of years ago and show the colorful rocks from millions of years past, all the way up to the dirt and rock of today. Labeled as one of the seven wonders of Oregon they are definitely something all Oregonians have to see! The hills have also been a large attraction for scientists and archeologists, and hundreds of prehistoric fossils and plants have been found there. Located in Mitchell Oregon, the hills have become a large attraction for travelers and campers. Look into the camp grounds in, and around the area of the hills and bring the family out for a truly beautiful history lesson! Who knows, maybe you'll discover a fossil that no one else has ever seen!

For more information on camp grounds and locations visit these websites!

CLICK HERE for campground and area info 

CLICK HERE for more info on the Painted Hills and area travel attractions 

   photo paintedhills4_zps253426fa.jpg
 photo paintedhills2_zpsf01afc48.jpg
 photo paintedhills1_zps2edb0dce.jpg

September at the Oregon Coast

by John Clarke on 09/03/14

Most people view September as the end of Summer, the time to put the toys away and get ready for the Oregon rain. Really, September is when the Oregon coast is in it's prime! the weather is perfect and the fog doesn't linger, but more than anything the traffic is low!
    Since so many people don't think of September as a good time for camping, they just simply don't go. The beaches have far less traffic in September compared to August or July, which means more open space for you and your family! It's much easier to get that perfect camping spot you want, since most of the camps are seeing far less traffic.
    The weather is actually better during September than any other time of the year on the Oregon coast. According to weather.com there's far less wind, it's warmer and the fog doesn't linger. Compared to the rest of the northwest, the coast is kind of on it's own schedule and generally is a month behind the rest of the northwest.
    So come explore the Oregon Coast this September. With the kids in school, and the wind at bay, you won't be disappointed!

 photo september3_zps81c563e2.jpg
 photo september2_zps59726668.jpg
 photo septemberoregoncoast1_zps059bc2c3.jpg

Dunefest 2014!

by John Clarke on 07/05/14

2014 will be year five of Oregon West RV sponsoring the great event Dunefest! Dunefest is a large family friendly motorsports event that takes place in Winchester Bay Oregon on the beautiful Umpqua Dunes. With everything from monster truck rides to music performances, from drag races to Show N shine events, there’s something for everyone. There’s a wide variety of food, clothes, ATV parts and other goodies on vendor’s row from a large assortment of vendors and sponsors. Polaris, Yamaha and Arctic Cat all have full show room tents and offer test drives of new models like the new Polaris  RZR 1000XP, the Yamaha Rhino 700r and the Arctic Cat Wild Cat 1000. Dunefest also offers events for kids like the Treasure hunt where kids and parents can participate in a wild goose chase to win all kinds of prizes! Also there is a drive in movie night and drag races for children 12 and under!

                Dunefest starts on July 30th and runs through August 3rd. Stop by, grab a chicken wrap from vendors row and watch some drag races! Climb Oregon’s most famous hills, like Banshee Hill and the Widow Maker, or go and hit some jumps! For more information check out the Dunefest 2014’s website: http://dunefest.com/ .Winchester Bay’s 1040 acres are open for you to explore so pack up your toy hauler and head out to Dunefest this august!

 photo dunefestoverview_zpse2f8d2fe.jpg
A sky view of dunefest 2013!

 photo dunefestvendors_zpsf8f16a26.jpg
Vendor's row during the day!

 photo dune_Fest_banshee_zps4e641723.jpg
A drag racer doing what he does best on the drag strip!

 photo DunefestYFZ_zpsebda6975.jpg
The guys over at Elka Suspension hooking up a sweet YFZ!

 photo dunefestrzr_zps9d7b316a.jpg
UTV underground representing for Dunefest!

Check Out Team 71 On Race Day!

by John Clarke on 06/27/14

 photo sprintcar_zpscffe988c.jpg

                Hedge Carter’s 71 sprint car team from Cottage Grove Oregon is getting after it this year! They have 2 sprint cars racing this season driven by Colby Carter and Collin Baker! Collin drives a 360 sprint with 2 main events won, he’s first at the Cottage Grove Speedway and 2nd overall in points for the ASCS northwest.  Colby is having a very strong first year in the 71jr limited sprint car with a total of four races, a heat race win, and a 6th place in a main with the 360 sprints. Oregon West RV sponsors the team in every way we possibly can and all of us here at Oregon West RV are rooting for Collin, Colby and the whole team! We are so excited for team 71, good driving guys and we hope you do well coming into the second half of the season!

                The team is from Cottage Grove, and Hedge is a known native to the city of Cottage Grove and a veteran of the Cottage Grove Speedway. The Cottage Grove Speedway’s track is located on 2150 North Douglas Street, and has a very welcoming staff and a huge selection of concessions; we recommend the chili cheese fries! Come out to the track this Saturday to watch the cars tear up the dirt and watch the 71 team do their thing! It’s a good, fun and exciting way for family and friends to spend their Saturday night! We hope to see you there!

 photo thegarage_zps44a2e84f.jpg
Team 71 headquarters

 photo 71cars_zps46746fc8.jpg
Colby and Collin tearing it up.

 photo Collin_zps1dd5bfcc.jpg
Collin after his first win of the season.

 photo collinandcolby_zps79bd4d35.jpg
The cars right before their heat races

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